About the Washington PAC

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In 1981, Morris J. Amitay entered the private sector as an attorney after serving six years as AIPACís Executive Director, and founded the Washington PAC.  Over thirty years later, the Washington PAC has grown to become the second largest pro-Israel PAC in terms of contributions to candidates.  Overall, over three million dollars has been carefully distributed on a bipartisan basis to Senators, Representatives, and candidates who share the view that a secure Israel is in the best interests of the United States.

What makes the Washington PAC different from other pro-Israel PACs?  

Its Capitol Hill location enables the PAC to meet with Representatives and Senators on an almost daily basis.  The Advisory Board holds regular luncheons with U.S. Senate candidates, and the PACís newsletter has earned an esteemed reputation for its analysis of the U.S. Senate races.

Why is the Washington PAC so important?

These are challenging times for Israel Ė to put it mildly.  Israel has taken enormous risks in its pursuit of peace, yet the pressure to make further concessions continues, despite Americaís own war on terrorism.  What is needed here in Washington is continued support and encouragement from Israelís many friends in the U.S. Congress.  For those who share these views, joining the Washington PAC is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure Israelís future security.


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